Why were Ami Suzuki, Thane Camus, and Yui Asaka fired?

Great translated article from 2014 about a dark underside of the Japanese entertainment industry: the power of talent agencies.

ArchivedOriginal Japanese article, archived.


[This is an article I’ve translated to practice my Japanese and translation skills. I have no affiliation with the article source or any parties mentioned and the views expressed are not necessarily my own. I’ve done my best to translate accurately, but as it is practice there may be errors in the translated version. Feel free to point them out.

The original (Japanese) article may be found here.

I chose this article because I used to enjoy watching Thane Camus, an a) American fluent in Japanese, b) graduate of an international school just down the road from one of mine, albeit long before my time, and c) grandson – we think – of writer Albert Camus. However, he seemed to disappear rather abruptly from Japanese tv, so the other day I decided to do some Googling. This is what I came up with.

I talk about the translation a bit at…

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