Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! Episode 5, 180304 (Honjou, Saitama), Subbed

Nogizaka46 No Gaku Tabi! is a series that takes Nogizaka46 members and enrolls them as transfer students in a school for one day. This episode, however, centers around calligraphy. Instead of them spending a day as normal students, they will spend two separate days as calligraphy club members taking classes to practice calligraphy and preparing for an inter-school calligraphy performance competition. Six Nogizaka46 members are divided up into two groups of three. Each group will join the calligraphy club of either Honjou East High School or Honjou First High School and a calligraphy performance competition is held between the two schools.

-Veliem, Conjyak

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Streaming: BB




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